Gearhead : 1. (n.) Someone who uses the coolest, most efficient and advanced gadgets for their profession, interest or hobby. synonym: nerd, geek Usage: derogatory slang.

ELAN is a music Gearhead band.


We DO NOT endorse brands or products for money! We won’t endorse a brand unless we actually use, truly like and respect that product and its company. The companies behind these brands are as good as they are because of the people who work there. They are our friends and the things they make are made with pride and we believe in them!

Our band has a special way of selecting our equipment and products. We travel to very remote places and we are one of those few bands that plays almost ANYWHERE, so we put the gear through HELL.

When we select a product it is because it is the best and it is ROAD & BATTLE TESTED!

There are things we use as a band and things we use individually.

Here is Jan Carlo’s list of products he uses and recommends:

• James Trussart Custom Guitars

“My friend James makes the finest instruments I have ever had the pleasure of playing. His guitars influenced my sound greatly as well as the sound of our band. There is no electric guitar that is as well made and has as much attention to detail than a Trussart.”

• Arcane Inc. Pickups

“Rob builds truly outstanding boutique Humbucker pickups. Their “Original 57 Classic – Trussart / Arcane Inc.” are the greatest sounding pickups I have heard.”

• Dave Friedman, Rack Systems LTD & Tone Merchants

“Dave, Rob, Travis & Walt are our family and our tone Guru’s. They take custom sound and tone boutiquing to a new level. They care and are restless when it comes to the band and I achieving the sound we need and want. Dave Friedman is the Dr. House of sound.”

• Matchless Amplifiers

“Phil Jamison is a brill be iant tone designer. His amps are outstaning. In my opinion, matchless is the finest amplifiers that I have ever had the pleasure of using and playing. Tone is everything to me. I have taken my Matchless Amps to hell and back and they have NEVER let me down. Their tone is like nothing else out there!”

• Fred Morotta & The Repair Zone

“When you have a baby you get a pediatrician. He is all of my baby’s pediatrician. Weather your guitar was made in ’53 or 2003 he is the, ‘setup-maintnance-repair’ guru. You can’t be as good as this guy and his team are and not be a presumptuous ass but somehow he manages to be the nicest guy on earth. I don’t trust my guitars to anyone outside our crew to anyone but Fred and his team.”

• Schaller Guitar Strap Locks

HIGHLY recommended.

• Sperzel Locking Tuners

“Bob and his son have made the finest locking guitar tuners on earth for many years. I don’t think any of my guitars are missing Sperzel’s. HIGHLY recommended.”

• Strymon Guitar Effects

“These people are the nicest people around and will do everything possible to help you in a pinch. They also make the most bad-ass delay, reverb and now rotary pedals on EARTH! Brigadier and the Capistan are the absolute law when it comes to my sound!”

• Left Coast Custom Flight Cases

Neal Hedegard has been making our guitar and bass cases for over 10 years. The cases he made for us back then are still in action and still work great. As many of you know we play places many others would not dare and his cases get us there!

• Freddie Matara at Freddie Matara Leather

“Freddie is an artist and does AMAZING work with leather. A guitar needs a strap. If you love and cherish your guitars you will appreciate his amazing leatherwork.”